Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Marathon from Marathon: Part 2

On the Outside

As we mentioned in the last blog from Marathon, we tried to do as much ‘on the outside’ as we could.  From Marathon to Fort Pierce, it was fairly easy, with short jaunts of less than fifty miles between inlets.  This allowed us to see some more beautiful water and actually attempt fishing for mahi mahi in the Gulf Stream outside of Miami.  We never did catch any mahi mahi but managed to catch quite a bit of ‘weed’ (sargassum seaweed, that is).  Our fishing stories are as I always say, ‘to be continued…...’.

Bud all geared up for catching a Mahi Mahi on his brand new fishing rod.

We did experience some unusual water ‘on the outside’.  As we were heading from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, we saw what is called a ‘tidal rip’ in the distance.  It looked like a line of breaking waves off in the distance (as it was), and as we got closer, we watched as the Gulf Stream deep blue color disappeared into tannin-rich waters.  It was really eerily wild.

The crystal blue waters of the Gulf Stream off of Miami, FL.

  Crossing through the tidal rip off of Fort Lauderdale.  Note how the water becomes glassy flat in the distance as we cross through the standing waves of the tidal rip.

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