Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Following in their wake

Hakahua Oa Pua. See this picture and others on the Hoag Family blog on S/V Morning Glory.

Although we have visited Layla in North Carolina several times and made progress on her projects over the past couple of months, we have really very little of "boat interest" to report. Our most immediate goal has been to get the tasks done to get Layla back in the water. Otherwise, we work towards completing one chapter and turning the page on the next. Yes, I know. Believe me, I am sure I am more tired of saying that than you are of hearing it. But, really, it will be very soon.

During this time to help us cope with jobs, traffic, city life, and all of those challenges that have been made more unbearable since experiencing the cruising epiphany, we have taken much needed inspiration from various blogs of cruisers and cruisers-in-progress. In particular, we have followed the blog of the Hoag family - Arthur, Amy and kids, Steven and River, aboard their catamaran Morning Glory. We met the Hoag's in the boat yards of Beaufort, NC as we all prepared to embark on our travels south. As cruising plans often go, they left and we did not.

Earlier this month, the sailing vessel Morning Glory and crew arrived in the Marquesas after departing from the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador and sailing over one of the largest expanses of open ocean on the planet! Above is one of Arthur's picture's of a Landfall in Paradise. You will want to see their blog with the narrative and more pictures of their remarkable travel these past months along the east coast of the US, down to the Bahamas, Jamaica, San Blas Islands of Panama, through the Panama Canal, on to the Galapagos and then, to French Polynesia.

We hope to be following in their wake in the very near future.