Monday, July 23, 2012

Splash! Finally in the water

Getting ready to travel across the yard
After all of the work and whining over the past year and a half, by comparison the decision to put Layla back in the water came together very quickly. With the bottom painted and a slip located, Layla was going to get wet!

An amazing sight to see her "driving" through the lot
Tracy was not here for the event. But our good friends Fred, and later Ernie and Oliver, provided expert guidance to get back in the water. 

Ah, water at last.
 We then headed back towards Taylor's Creek to Layla's new home in Beaufort.
Fred and Ernie

Layla in Beaufort inlet
Oliver inspects Layla from the dinghy
More inspection by Oliver
In Taylor's Creek
The plan is to continue with some shakedown cruises and complete more of the projects on the "to do" list. We are now in the next phase.

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