Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Checking out Layla under sail

Riding over a swell
Over several days and under varying conditions, we took Layla sailing to check out systems and get familiar with her strengths and weaknesses. On the day pictured above, the winds had increased to 15 steady knots with 3-5 foot seas. These are not conditions many boaters, particularly motor vessels, typically embrace with zeal, but these were certainly the conditions that gave us a good test for Layla. She impressed us as she rode the swells with that comfortable "sea kindly motion" for which Hans Christians are known. 

Layla on her own headed to Cape Lookout
On the very first day sailing, we discovered that once the sails were set, Layla sailed straight without any assistance. She was very well balanced under sail. She seemed to find the best course that was not necessarily the fastest but always the most comfortable for long distance cruising. 

Good speed

Fred guiding Layla
Layla also demonstrated that she is no slow poke. On each of the days, we could readily get her up to hull speed (about 8.4 knots).

I have been serving as "the apprentice" to Fred and Ernie as they provide tips and tricks from their years of living aboard and sailing to distant shores. I am shedding the "landlubber" habits and re-discovering those lost skills.
Ernie relaxing under sail

Overall, Layla lived up to her reputation as solid, and comfortable blue-water cruiser and impressed us with her agility and ease of sail. This is fun. We will get you on board again Tracy. Really we will.

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  1. Congratulations you guys!!! We are excited to hear about all of your progress, and are happy for Layla now that she is back in her element :-) Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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