Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back in North Carolina - Quick update

One of the many, many osprey that made their home along the intracoastal waterway

Our shakedown cruise is now complete. We traveled over 2,000 miles, much of it on the Intracoastal Waterway. Although shakedown trips don’t typically require such extensive travel, the time on the boat, on the waterway and the various stops along the way, served us well in testing us and the boat in ways we could not have anticipated- the purpose of the shakedown. 

We have put Layla "on the hard" at Beaufort Marine Center for the next several months while we wait for the end of hurricane season. We are reviewing the lessons learned, evaluating what worked and what did not, and contemplating what it all means for what might come next. We already have a growing list of projects, mainly of general maintenance as well as some upgrades on various systems including solar panels, autopilot and possibly, a new anchor. 

Now that we have consistent internet, we will be posting a series with pictures related to the trip over the past several weeks. 

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  1. Long time no hear! Perhaps it's my inability to navigate my laptop as well a I want . . . but anyhow, it's great to be able to catch up on what you're up to. It's supposed to be chilly and rainy here tomorrow so I'll just curl up and read your entries. I'm so happy you get to enjoy so much adventure! Good for you!!
    Sherry Power


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