Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Polar Plunge

Layla always looks cool from this perspective.

Weather windows be damned.  We weren’t going to wait any longer.  It is only going to get colder.  We have launched (on 14 January, 2016).

Ah...back in the water...

At the Morehead City Docks, just two blocks from our house.

We packed Layla and closed up the house.

The last of the stuff in the house bound for the boat.

A little more chaos and almost there.

We headed south down the waterway.  We are gone.  So the big question, “When are you guys going to leave?” has been finally answered. 

The next big question, “Where are you now?” 

Tune in again for the next dispatch and part of the answer.  Hope you are wearing your hats.  We are.  

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