Thursday, December 17, 2015

Boat Yard - Still "on the hard"

Tracy and Layla are eager to get back in the water

It is now mid-December and Layla is still languishing in the boat yard ("on the hard"). We have completed a few more boat tasks and tied up an assortment of loose ends before we make the final decision to put Layla in the water and head south. A boat person described life at the end of the year as "Just like a roll of toilet paper. As you get near the end, the faster it goes." Somehow the time has just flown by and we remain here.

Cleaning up the "dynaplate" (necessary for radio "goodness")

We have watched more of our friends from the boat yard make it back into the water and head south.

Stein and Bud making plans

Our favorite Norwegian, Stein, on Anna Rose, just left some days ago. We know we will catch up with him somewhere in Florida, possibly Fernandina Beach.

Anna Rose about to head south

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