Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Tracy on her way back down
During the holidays back to visit Layla in North Carolina, we tackled numerous items on the "to do" list and made remarkable progress. From completing the final installation of the holding tank, the tank level electronic monitor, and the new VHF radio, to climbing the mast and installing a new radio antenna, masthead wind transducer, windex (wind indicator), new spreader lights and new tricolor navigation light, we were elated to see our list get smaller.

Climbing the mast got progressively easier after each assent and decent. Admittedly, it is still not our favorite task, despite the fine view. Combined, we probably spent about 8 hours up the mast over 3 days.  

Salty oysters and drawn butter

For New Year's Eve we treated ourselves to our first full meal cooked onboard - we steamed a 1/2 bushel of local oysters. Yes, that is correct. A "peck" is much too small for Tracy.  
We look forward to hearing from all of you. Check back soon for more of our adventures. We may be putting Layla in the water very soon.

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